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Solutions for industrial gases

Whether oxygen, argon, synthesis gas, hydrogen or "just" natural gas - industrial companies depend on the safe and economical transport of gases of all kinds. SANHA offers suitable solution concepts for all industries. Our press systems are an economical and at the same time reliable alternative to conventional, complex welded pipelines and have a corresponding TÜV certificate.

Premium stainless steel against corrosion

The stainless steel material 1.4404 contains at least 2.3% molybdenum and has a lower carbon content than the conventional material 1.4401. This means that it is not only equivalent to this stainless steel, but is also convincing due to its significantly higher corrosion resistance.

NiroSan® | NiroSan® Gas 

Piping system consisting of high-quality press fittings and stainless steel pipes, material 1.4404 / AISI 316L (fittings made of stainless steel) and 1.4408 (threaded parts, stainless steel investment casting). The system family is offered with sealing rings made of EPDM (black) and HNBR (yellow). 


The NiroTherm® piping system consists of NiroTherm® stainless steel press fittings with a black EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) moulded seal and NiroTherm® stainless steel pipes to DIN EN 10312.


The SANHA®-Press piping system consists of system press fittings made of copper for copper pipes according to EN 1057 or DVGW worksheet GW 392 for drinking water and heating installations. All copper fittings of the 6000 series are tested and approved by DVGW, ÖVGW, SVGW and many other renowned European certification bodies in accordance with DVGW worksheet W 534. The fittings are equipped with black EPDM sealing rings (ethylene-propylene-diem rubber).

SANHA®-Press Gas

System press fittings made of copper and copper alloys for copper pipes according to EN 1057 or DVGW worksheet GW 392 with yellow sealing ring (HNBR) for flammable gases according to G 260 for gas inner pipes according to DVGW G 600 (TRGI) and DVFGTRF 2012.

Gas type compatibility

  NiroSan® NiroSan® Gas Niro-Therm® 1) SANHA®-PressSANHA®-Press Gas
Acetylen 2)      
Natural gas 3)    
Carbon dioxide    
Hydrogen  •  •
Welding shield gases    
Synthesis gas    

1) No requirement for purity of the gas
2) Up to medium pressure 1.5 bar 
3) According to DVGW worksheet G 260 incl. upgraded biogas