since 1964

No liability for defects on the part of the processor: The press fittings of the PURAPRESS® system were specially developed for drinking water applications. Due to the lead-free material silicon bronze (CuSi), they do not release any lead into the drinking water.

Lead does not belong in drinking water. Choose lead-free PURAFIT® threaded fittings and avoid costly liability for defects if limits are exceeded! Specially for drinking water, ECHA-approved silicon bronze material.

System press fittings made of lead-free silicon bronze CuSi for use in the system with MultiFit®-Flex, MultiFit®-PE/RT and MultiFit®-PEX multilayer composite pipes (according to DVGW W 542, for drinking water and heating installations) as well as copper pipes.

Modern ball valve made of material CW617N and lead-free silicon bronze CuSi (CW 724R). Shut-off valve for many applications such as heating, cooling, refrigeration, etc.