Copper press fittings: For drinking water, heating, extinguishing water, cooling water and much more. | combipress function | No separate tool required!

The specialist for gas pipelines: Copper fittings for gas installations, natural and liquefied gas and all flammable gases according to DVGW G 260. Simple assembly thanks to combipress function; maximum cost-effectiveness as no additional tools are required!

Copper press fittings for solar installations: High-quality fittings with FKM sealing ring for many solar and high-temperature applications | Up to 160 °C

Copper press fittings: For all visible surface-mounted installations | Chrome-plated | With black EPDM sealing ring

Hard and soft soldering: Series 4000 solder fittings | Copper alloy CC499K | For heating, gas installations, medical gases, inert gases, compressed air and many more. | Optimum corrosion resistance | Particularly smooth surface | Also suitable for use with aggressive media (e.g. seawater)

Hard and soft soldering: Capillary soldering fittings series 5000 | Copper Cu-DHP - material number CW024A | For cooling water, refrigeration systems, heating, gas installations, medical gases, technical gases, compressed air and many more. | Up to 40 bar | High corrosion resistance | Also sui...