since 1964

Reliable system press fittings made of copper for copper pipes according to EN 1057 or DVGW worksheet GW 392 for drinking water and heating installations.

Press fittings made of copper with yellow HNBR sealing ring for natural gas. Highly resistant, safe and easy to process. 

The chrome-coated piping system "SANHA®-Press Chrome": Ideal for visible installations in residential | Hotels | Gyms | All public & prvate buildings.

Press fittings for solar systems. Specialist in piping systems. Made from copper, made to last. High-temperature sealing ring.

Soldered fittings made of CC499K for numerous applications such as heating, extinguishing water, sprinklers, solar or medical gases. Fittings according to DVGW G 6 and G8.  Many years of competence due to production in our own European factories. Dimensions 6 - 108 mm.

Kapillarlötfittings | Lötfittings aus Kupfer CU-DHP für zahlreiche Anwendungen wie Heizung, Gas, Löschwasser, Sprinkler, Solar oder medizinische Gase. Dimensionen von 6 - 108 mm. Fittings nach DVGW G 6 und G8.  Langjährige Kompetenz durch Fertigung in eigenen europäischen Werken.