since 1964

High-quality piping system made of NiroSan® stainless steel press fittings with a moulded EPDM seal and NiroSan® stainless steel pipes. 

Safe, certified press fittings for natural gas, hydrogen & other gases made of stainless steel | Matching stainless steel pipes | In-house production "since 1964".

High temperature stainless steel fittings and pipes for many industrial applications. Piping system for compressed air, sprinklers, heating, cooling and more. OEM and special designs available.

Silicone-free fittings made of stainless steel | Specially cleaned & packaged | For pipelines in the chemical industry, automotive industry, paint shop, automotive and many more.

For screed, condensation water and external moisture: The NiroTherm® piping system consisting of press fittings and pipes made of stainless steel 1.4301 saves time and thus labour costs and impresses with long-lasting corrosion protection, especially against external moisture.

Fittings and pipes of the NiroTherm® Industry piping system are a time-saving alternative. Thanks to the material 1.4301, they offer high corrosion resistance combined with good economy.