Our premium stainless steel pipe systems are manufactured in our own factories, not only with the highest quality in the manufacturing process, but also as SANHA use the highest quality grades of stainless steel 316L made with high quality molybdenum, with offers highly corrosion resistent ste...

A very economical pipe and fitting system for all closed circuits such as heating, cooling or dry compressed air. Available with sealing ring in EPDM or FKM for high temperature applications.

You have the choice: we offer a wide selection of lead-free threads fittings, press fittings and transition fittings for metallic pipes and plastic pipes. For the highest demands on our drinking water!

MLCP press and push fittings for our multi-layer pipes MultiFit® as well as our sound-insulating three-layer sewage system MASTER 3.

High pressure soldering fittings from very resistant copper-iron alloy for refrigeration and cooling. Easier and quicker to install than conventional alternatives. Proven to operate at 130 bar and compatible with all CuFe pipes!

Proven thread fittings of brass ensure a permanent safe installation in closed systems. Whether heating, rainwater or water/glycol mixtures. Brass threaded fittings are a good choice!

Press fittings and soldering fittings made of high quality copper: hygienic, safe and easy to process. Our copper fittings are suitable for many applications such as drinking water, heating, solar, gases, etc.