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ACR Copper Press and SANHA® Heavy Steel Press now available in MEPcontent and Stabiplan

28 Feb 2024 | News | 21 views

Our two newest piping systems are now available in MEPcontent and Stabiplan: Streamline® ACR Copper Press and SANHA® Heavy Steel Press. Both systems are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance for various installations, including cooling, refrigeration, water, gas and industrial applications.

Heating with the wall

5 Dec 2023 | News | 671 views

Wall heating is one of the most efficient types of heat transfer. As surface heating, they are extremely well suited for combination with heat pumps, for example. In contrast to comparable systems, SANHA's wall heating modules offer the advantage that they can provide heat both in the low temperature range and up to 60 °C. In addition, they are much easier to install. An old building in the south of Essen is currently being fitted with wall heating modules. This is a good example of how our systems utilise their advantages and support energy-efficient refurbishment at the highest level in a technology-neutral way.  

Certified piping systems ensure fire protection

25 Oct 2023 | News | 1789 views

When installing piping systems, compliance with fire protection specifications is central. In addition, building owners want as much usable space as possible. As one of only a few manufacturers, SANHA® has been providing installer with safe, certified solutions for years that meet the strict specifications and enable you to install pipes at a minimum distance to each other in an uncomplicated and space-saving manner.

Quality pipe for high-pressure water fogging

6 Oct 2023 | News | 1576 views

High-pressure fogging systems are an innovative technology for fire fighting, air humidification or dust suppression. In comparison to conventional sprinklers, they produce a fine water mist under high pressure. Such systems are already used in a wide variety of industries.

Cut down on SKU proliferation with just one single fitting!

30 Sep 2023 | News | 3150 views

SANHA® is once more introducing a helpful addition to her range. With our new universal transition fitting, connections between thick-walled steel pipes and various other pipes like stainless steel, carbon steel and copper are an easy feat for the experienced installer.

Cutting-Edge NiroSan® Stainless Steel Piping System by SANHA® Chosen for Innovative "Union" Building Project

26 Sep 2023 | News | 1635 views

In Manchester, the UK’s second biggest city, a remarkable building project is taking shape. The visionary “Union” building is planned by Renaker, a prominent development and construction enterprise in the North West of England. For drinking water, SANHA's state-of-the-art NiroSan® stainless steel piping system has been selected.

Double safety: ACR Copper Press for cooling & refrigeration up to 48 bar!

4 Apr 2023 | News | 4879 views

SANHA® and Mueller Streamline have joined forces to bring a new piping system to the European market: ACR Copper Press. These press fittings are specially designed for refrigeration and cooling systems and are suitable for all conventional refrigerants with operating pressures up to 48 bar. In addition, they are particularly future-oriented, as they are also suitable for refrigerants with higher operating pressures.

Extraordinary project: The Artery in Vilnius

31 Mar 2023 | News | 4325 views

The Artery, designed by star architect Daniel Libeskind, is located in the centre of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Our NiroSan® piping system for drinking water was used there. With this premium system made of stainless steel, we played an important part in the "outstanding quality of the construction", which the client placed particular emphasis on during the selection process.

SANHA is H2 ready!

17 Nov 2022 | News | 4137 views

The time has come: Our piping system NiroSan® Gas is H2 ready. After extensive tests, the DBI-Gastechnologisches Institut e.V. in Freiberg has awarded this quality mark. This means that the system is suitable for transporting up to 100 % hydrogen.

Tough test: Hydrogen House Apeldoorn

20 Jul 2022 | News | 3710 views

In Apeldoorn, the Dutch network operator Alliander and the certifier KIWA 2021 have opened a hydrogen demonstration and training centre for installers, planners and engineers. SANHA provides certified piping systems for reliable transport.