since 1964

Robust & solid: The "Heavy Steel Press" piping system from SANHA® for thick-walled steel pipes offers processors a lot of time savings and safety. 200 % more sealing ring surface. Pressing instead of welding.

Gas installation with thick-walled steel pipes: With "Heavy Steel Press Gas", installers can press instead of weld. Saves time, money and nerves - with 200 % more sealing ring surface, up to 2".

The SANHA®-Therm piping system consists of tried and trusted SANHA®-Therm press fittings from carbon steel (c-steel) with a black sealing ring from EPDM (ethylene propylene dien rubber monomere) and SANHA®-Therm carbon steel pipes according to EN 10305-3.

The SANHA®-Therm Industry pipe system consists of proven SANHA®-Therm Industry press fittings with a red moulded seal made of FKM (fluorocarbon or fluororubber) for high-temperature applications and SANHA®-Therm C steel pipes to DIN EN 10305-3.