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SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000) | Copper

SANHA-Press Solar

System press fittings from copper and copper alloys for copper pipes according to EN 1057 for solar and high-temperature applications for compressed air. SANHA®-Press Solar system fittings  have red moulded sealing rings made from FKM (fluoro and perfluoro elastomers) for temperatures of up to 160 °C.

SANHA®-Press Solar system fittings are additionally marked by a red "HT" printed on the outside.

Operating conditions for SANHA®-Press Solar from copper and copper alloys

Outer pipe diameter Operating pressure
Water and aqueous solutions
d ≤ 108 mm 16 bar
Technical gases (non-toxic, non-flammable)
d ≤ 108 mm 16 bar
Operating temperature
SANHA®-Press Solar with red FKM sealing ring
-20 °C - +160 °C
(depending on medium)

Type of thread: Pipe thread: R/Rp thread according to EN 10226,
Fastening thread: G thread according to ISO 228


Tool compatibility and Push & Stay

+ Tool compatibility: pressable with press jaws and slings with original SA, V and M contour up to and including 54 mm

+ Push & Stay function for safe, reliable installation in every position

Fast installation, no risk of fire

The connection with stainless steel pipes by cold pressing enables a fast, time-saving installation and eliminates the risk of fire during the process. SANHA®-Press Solar installation systems are therefore ideally suited for renovation work.

High corrosion resistance

The exceptionally smooth, passivated surface of pipes and fittings leads to an excellent corrosion resistance.

Exceptional flexibility

  • All dimensions from 12 to 108 mm including 64 mm available
  • Reliable, permanent connection with copper pipes according to EN 1057
  • Thread according to EN 10226 and/or ISO7/1 Type R und Rp



Areas of application

  • Compressed air
  • Inert gases
  • Cooling water
  • Steam systems (on request)
  • District heating supply systems
  • Fuel oil
  • Diesel
  • Solar systems (flat plate and vacuum collectors)

More applications on demand.

Germany Solaranlage, Cölbe SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000)
Poland Instytut Matki i Dziecka SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000)
Australia PowerWater, Gapuwiyak solar power station NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000)
Australia PowerWater, Ramingining, Northern Territory NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000), SA series 5000, SA series 4000
Australia Sage Automation, Northern Territory NiroSan® Industry (Serie 18000), NiroTherm® Industry (series 98000), SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000), SANHA®-Therm Industry (series 28000)
Australia Transtank, Western Global, Northern Territory SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000), NiroSan® Industry (Serie 18000), NiroTherm® Industry (series 98000), SANHA®-Therm Industry (series 28000)