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The entire SANHA®-Box range for drinking water installations is made exclusively from silicon bronze CuSi lead-free system press fittings. They come with already isolated multilayer plastic pipes, which emit no harmful lead into the drinking water – not only do you save substantial time and installation costs, you also gain the knowledge that your installation reliably meets the stringent drinking water regulation specifications!

The practical SANHA®-Box range comes in many versions: Preconfigured boxes are available for wash basins and sinks, through baths and showers, and onto water meter connections. All SANHA®-Boxes are also available as copper or stainless steel versions.

A complete overview of our product portfolio and the complete range of accessories can be found in our brochure – or simply call us at +44 1628 819245!

Operating conditions of the SANHA®-Box

Operating temperature Operating pressure
Water and aqueous solutions
 +25 °C 16 bar
 +50 °C 13 bar
 +70 °C 10 bar
Operating temperature -30 °C - +70 °C



Drywall construction

The SANHA®-Box greatly reduces labour in dry-lining applications. Cavities, noise insulation or stability are real challenges. The SANHA®-Box allows robust and very precise installation of all pipes, fittings, etc. including mounting frames and cross-members.


Installations in masonry walls are often subject to temperature and pressure fluctuations through the plaster which can also subsequently influence the installation conditions in residential rooms. This is reliably prevented by our specially developed SANHA®-Box. The pre-assembled system already includes foam insulation.


The SANHA®-Box is, of course, highly suited to installation in conjunction with compact radiators. By installing the connections in the wall, there is no need to install pipes under the floor, making subsequent floor cleaning considerably easier. At the same time, pipe strains are stabilised, insulation improved and associated noises effectively prevented.

Advantages of the SANHA®-Box for installers

  • Simple, fast installation, saving hours on site
  • Shorter contract periods
  • No material disappearing on site
  • Easy to adhere to installation dimensions
  • Ideal for use in off site manufacturing
  • As contains no lead, contributes to EU Drinking Water Directive on permitted lead levels
  • Made from fully certified high quality Silicon Bronze material

Building contractors

  • Guaranteed adherence to quality specifications
  • Shorter construction times
  • No remedial plastering or chasing out costs
  • State-of-the-art
  • Ideal for use in off site manufacturing
  • Reduced defects


  • Hygiene benefit #1: No lead emitted to drinking water by fittings
  • Hygiene benefit #2: No mould formation
  • Excellent noise control
  • Always the correct water temperature
  • No corrosion problems in all water qualities 
  • No floor penetration
  • Quick installation
  • Cost savings



Areas of application

  • Drinking water
  • Heating

More applications on demand.