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SA series 5000

The SANHA series 4000 and 5000 „SA“ consist of solder and transition fittings for copper pipes according to EN 1057 and EN 13348 for hard and soft soldering. All products are certified according to many national and international certification bodies.

SANHA capillary solder fittings are manufactured from copper (Cu-DHP, CW024A  for moulded parts) and copper alloys CC499K (threaded parts, cast parts) and fulfill all requirements of BS EN 1254.

SA Serie 5000

Maximum permissible operating pressures for copper pipes with SANHA® capillary solder fittings

Connection type Operating temperature Outer pipe diameter
6...28 mm 35...54 mm 64...108 mm
Soft soldering 30 °C 45 bar 25 bar 16 bar
65 °C 25 bar 16 bar 16 bar
110 °C 16 bar 10 bar 10 bar
Hard soldering 30 °C 45 bar 25 bar 16 bar
65 °C 25 bar 16 bar 16 bar
110 °C 16 bar 10 bar 10 bar

Type of thread: R/Rp thread according to EN 10226,
Fastening thread: G thread according ISO 228

Please contact our Technical Support at techniksanhacom for operating conditions not listed in the above table.



  • Fast and reliable installation thanks to the sealing feature in the thread and narrow manufacturing tolerances. The thread conforms with EN 10226 and ISO7/1 Type R and Rp.
  • Optimum corrosion resistance due to the comparatively low carbon content of <0,5 mg C / dm².
  • Extensive portfolio: SANHA offers all dimensions from 6 to 159 mm

Areas of application

  • Drinking water
  • Heating
  • Medical gases
  • Gas installations
  • Rainwater
  • Solar systems
  • Inert gases
  • Cooling water pipes
Germany MT Medizin und Technik GmbH, Oschatz SA series 5000, SA series 4000
Belgium AZ Groeninge, Kortrijk SA series 4000, SA series 5000
Australia PowerWater, Ramingining, Northern Territory NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Press Solar (series 12000/13000), SA series 5000, SA series 4000
Australia Port Keats Wadeye Power Station, Northern Territory NiroSan Gas (series 17000), NiroSan® (series 9000), NiroSan® Industry (Serie 18000), SA series 5000
Australia BT Rangers & Government, Northern Territory SANHA®-Therm Industry (series 28000), SA series 5000