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Product news

Multi-layer pipe with Velcro tape for easy installation

In the future we will offer our MultiFit® PE-RT pipes in the dimension 16 mm with a Velcro tape (article number 123500KB16). We thus offer a plus in user-friendliness and time savings when it comes to laying underfloor heating systems. 

Extension of Master 3 assortment: double branch and corner branch

The following articles have been added to the assortment:
  • Double branch 87.5°: 8M3187D11050 / DN 100x50 - OD 110x50
  • Double branch 87.5°: 8M3187D110110110 / DN 100x100 - OD 110x110
  • Corner branch 87.5°: 8M3187ECK110110110 / DN 100x100 - OD 110x110

3fit®-Press PPSU, Series 35000

We have introduced an improved version of our 3fit®-Press PPSU fittings. This version is available under the same article numbers as usual, so there is no need to modify your information systems. Like the series 25000 3fit®-Press PbFree, the new fitting version has a Leak Path function.
RefHP Fitting reduced to 1/4"

RefHP fittings: Reduced tees (1/4") available

The market for industrial and commercial refrigeration is growing rapidly. Experts report that transcritical CO2 installations will dominate this market in 2018 and expect a growth of 200 % over the previous year. We as SANHA, want to be a part of this growth and have therefore expanded our RefHP Fittings range with reduced Tees ¼” in the branch, which are specifically designed to connect measuring devices for manufacturers of cooling equipment. The following tees are now available:
  • 129130781478 (7/8” x 1/4” x 7/8”)
  • 12913011814118 (1 1/8” x 1/4” x 1 1/8”)
  • 12913013814138 (1 3/8” x 1/4” x 1 3/8”)
  • 12913015814158 (1 5/8” x 1/4” x 1 5/8”)
Stainless steel adaptor

Press fit adaptor with female and threaded end for automatic control valves

We are now introducing three new dimensions of adaptors for automatic control valves:
- 69243G3512 / 691243G3512
- 69243G3534 / 691243G3534
- 69234G4234 / 691243G4234

Product news: Press fit union adaptor

  • 69359M42112 / 618359M42112
  • 69359M422 / 618359M422
  • 69359M542 / 618359M542
  • 69359M54212 / 618359M54212

New: 3fit-Press Universal deburrer

 This helps installers since only one tool is needed to debur all the most common pipe dimensions.

New axial Press fit compensators (NiroSan & NiroTherm)

These new compensators - catalogue numbers 9872L and 91872L - have a significantly better axial movement absorption capacity as well as high restoring forces.

Measuring tool for SANHA-Press & SANHA-Therm pipes

  • 84993: Universal measuring tool for marking the insertion depth of all SANHA-Press® and SANHA®-Therm piping systems

New measuring tool for insertion depth

All four different versions will be replaced by one new tool:
  • 84992: Universal measuring tool for marking the insertion depth for all NiroSan® and NiroTherm® systems in the dimensions 15 up to 108 mm.

3fit-Press wall plate

  • 3fit-Press Pb-free wall plate, article no. 325473G2634, dimension 26 x ¾”