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NiroSan® SF (series 19000) | Stainless steel

NiroSan® SF (Serie 19000)

The installation system consists of high-quality NiroSan® SF press fittings with red moulded sealing rings made of FKM (fluoro- and perfluoro elastomers) and NiroSan® stainless steel system pipes according to EN 10312. 

Silicone-free stainless steel piping system

They are specially made for all applications that require silicone free components. Silicone-free moulded sealing rings are ideally suited to applications such as varnishing and painting industries.

NiroSan® SF press fittings and system pipes are individually wrapped in order to guarantee that they are completely silicone free and remain so during transport up until they are finally installed.

Certified quality

All NiroSan® SF press fittings are made of the material 1.4404 / AISI 316L (for moulded fittings) and 1.4408 (for threaded fittings and stainless steel precision castings). The material contains a minimum of 2.3 % molybdenum and a lower carbon content than the conventional steel quality 316. For this reason material no 1.4404 / 316L is a superior material with higher corrosion resistance than standard stainless steels.


NiroSan® SF system press fittings can be easily recognized by the red moulded sealing ring and the additional engraving with the letters "SF" (in the past sometimes in green print) outside.



Operating conditions for the NiroSan® SF press system

Outer pipe diameter Operating pressure
Water and aqueous solutions
d ≤ 108 mm 16 bar
Technical gases (non-toxic, non-flammable) 
d ≤ 108 mm 16 bar
Operating temperature
NiroSan® SF press fittings
with silicone-free FKM sealing ring
 -20 °C - +160 °C
(depends on the medium)
Type of thread: R/Rp thread according to EN 10226,
fastening thread: G thread according to ISO 228


Tool compatibility and Push & Stay

+ Tool compatibility: pressable with press jaws and slings with original SA, V and M profile up to and including 54 mm

+ Push & Stay function for safe, reliable installation in every location up to and including 54 mm

Fast installation, no risk of fire

The connection with stainless steel pipes by cold pressing enables a fast, time-saving installation and eliminates the risk of fire during the process. NiroSan® installation systems are therefore ideally suited for renovation work

Silicone-free sealing rings

The premium NiroSan® SF system is optimally suited for all applications that need an atmosphere free of silicone particles, such as the varnishing industry

High corrosion resistance

The premium stainless steel type 1.4404 (316L) and the exceptionally smooth, passivated surface of pipes and fittings lead to an excellent corrosion resistance

Exceptional flexibility

  • All dimensions from 15 to 108 mm available
  • Reliable, permanent connection with NiroSan® stainless steel system pipes:
    • NiroSan® SF (1.4404/316L), silicon-free, TIG-welded, annealed, low carbon, high (≥ 2,3 %) molybdenum content for increased corrosion resistance. Labelled in black lettering.

  • Thread according to EN 10226 and/or ISO7/1 Typ R and R/p



Areas of application

  • Heating
  • Rainwater
  • Ship building
  • Inert gases
  • Technical gases
  • Cooling water
  • District heating supply systems
  • Low pressure gas systems
  • Solar systems (flat plate and vacuum collectors)
  • Compressed air

More applications on demand.

Germany Bahnstadt, Heidelberg NiroSan® SF (series 19000), NiroSan® (series 9000)
United Kingdom Woodtek Renewable, Shropshire NiroSan® (series 9000), NiroSan® SF (series 19000)
Australia Robertson Barracks, Northern Territory NiroSan® (series 9000), NiroSan Gas (series 17000), NiroSan® SF (series 19000), NiroSan® Industry (Serie 18000)