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3fit®-Push (series 23000) | Plastic

Practical system push fittings with safe and innovative lock function from copper alloys for use in a system with SANHA MultiFit®-Flex and MultiFit®-PEX multi layer plastic tubes for hygienic drinking water and reliable heating installations. 

Due to their sophisticated construction, SANHA® system push fittings offer an especially safe and durable connection and are just as tight as press fittings. The push connection is easy to make and has the distinct advantage that no tools are required. In this way, using 3fit®-Push fittings incurs no cost for buying, repairing or maintenance of press machines.

3fit®-Push system fittings are ideally suited in narrow spaces where it might be difficult to press fittings with jaws or slings such as during the renovation of buildings.


Operating conditions 3fit®-Push with MultiFit®-Flex multi-layered plastic pipes 
d ≤ 20 mm

Operating temperature Operating pressure
Water and aqueous solutions
+25 °C 16 bar
+50 °C 13 bar
+70 °C 10 bar
Operating temperature of the 3fit®-Push system (fitting with black EPDM sealing ring) -30 °C - +70 °C
Type of thread: Pipe thread: R/Rp thread according EN 10226,
Fastening thread: G thread according to ISO 228


  • Rapid and flexible installation by simple push-fit
  • Optimum solution in terms of corrosion resistance due to its excellent dezincification resistance, no tension-crack corrosion
  • Extremely clean surface of the fittings for even higher corrosion resistance and hygiene

  • Permanent frictional connection exclusively with

    • Multifit®-Flex multi-layer composite pipes (PE-RT/Al/PE-RT) with hygienic inner layer, hermetically sealed aluminium layer to prevent oxygen diffusion into the system and a robust outer casing. 
    • Multifit®-PEX multi-layer composite pipes (PE-Xc); oxygen-impermeable 5-layer pipes with a special plastic oxygen-barrier film (EVOH; not for drinking water)

  • Transition fittings according to EN 10226 and ISO7/1 R and Rp type



Areas of application

  • Heating
  • Rainwater

More applications on demand.

Germany Brain Box, Berlin 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free), 3fit®-Push (series 23000), NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Therm (series 24000)