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3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free) | Plastic

3fit Press Fittings T-stück

Want to know more about our plastic fittings & multi-layer pipes?

Our 3fit®-Press system press fittings are made of a special lead-free copper alloy called silicon bronze (or CuSi in short). This lead-free material makes them optimally suited for use in a system with MultiFit®-Flex and MultiFit®-PEX multi-layer plastic pipes in any drinking water system. The fittings are a WRAS approved product. 

What is more: 3fit®-Press fittings are also certified by all relevant international institutions such as DVGW, CSBT or KIWA. Of course, their use is not limited to drinking water. Please find out more about all possible applications further down below. 

Operating conditions for 3fit®-Press with MultiFit® pipes d ≤ 63 mm

Operating temperature Operating pressure
Water and aqueous solutions
+25 °C 16 bar
+50 °C 13 bar
+70 °C 10 bar
Operating temperature 
3fit®-Press system fittings with black EPDM sealing ring
-30 °C - +70 °C

Type of thread: Pipe thread: R/Rp thread according to EN 10226,
Fastening thread: G thread according to EN 228


Did you know about our Tool compatibility?

  • 3fit®-Press fittings can be pressed with all jaws and slings with an original TH, B, F, H and U contour up to and including 63 mm

So you want an easy installation? 

  • The Push & Stay function allows you to do just that. Without help, in tight spaces and with two hands instead of three - for a safe, reliable installation in every position

Unique lead-free alloy

  • Our specially developed completely lead-free material silicon bronze CuSi helps to fulfill the strict Drinking Water Directive (DWD). Installers are always safe from any legal claim should the lead concentration exceed the tolerances set forth in the DWD

Greater safety

  • These SANHA fittings have two sealing rings for additional safety!

Fast installation, no risk of fire

  • The connection with multi-layer pipes by cold pressing enables a fast, time-saving installation and eliminates the risk of fire during the process. 3fit®-Press installation systems are therefore ideally suited for renovation work

Want more flexibility? Here's what these pipes can do

  • MultiFit® pipes are easy to bend and to install
  • They are absolutely safe to use, as certified by WRAS and many others
  • They are optimised for the distribution of water on the respective floors
  • There are many different pipes with different layers, insulation and other features available
  • The same goes for the fittings, which help you realise any installation you can imagine
  • We produce all dimensions from 16 to 63 mm
  • Our fittings can be combined with all these pipes for a safe, permanent connection:
  • MultiFit®-Flex multi-layer composite pipe from PE-RT/Al/PE-RT with hygienic inner layer, hermetically sealed aluminium layer and robust outer casing. Higher temperature stability
  • MultiFit®-PEX multi-layer composite pipe from PE-Xc 16 and 20 mm, oxygen-impermeable 5-layer pipes with a special plastic oxygen-barrier EVOH (not for drinking water); available with or without velcro plates for easy installation
  • MultiFit®-PE-RT multi-layer pipes 16 mm, 400 m coil, oxygen-impermeable 5-layer pipes with a special plastic oxygen-barrier EVOH (not for drinking water), with or without velcro. Ideally suited for heating up to 6 bar. Not for drinking water. Also available as 200 m coils
  • NEW: Isolated MultiFit®-Flex ISO multi-layer pipes PE-RT/Al/PE-RT with hygienic inner jacket, hermetically sealed aluminium layer and robust outer casing. All pipes are available in dimensions 16 - 32 mm and with an isolation thickness of 9 or 13 mm

Still not convinced?

Then why don't you call our technical support at  01628 819245 or mail us your questions to



Areas of application

  • Drinking water
  • Heating
  • Rainwater

More applications on demand.

Germany Alter Güterbahnhof, Freiburg NiroSan Gas (series 17000), NiroSan® (series 9000), NiroTherm® (Serie 91000), SANHA®-Press (series 6000), PURAPRESS® (series 8000), SANHA®-Therm (series 24000), 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free), SANHA heating circuit distributors, SANHA wall heating module
Germany Arborea Marina Resort, Neustadt NiroTherm® (Serie 91000), SANHA®-Press (series 6000), SANHA®-Therm (series 24000), 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free)
Germany Brain Box, Berlin 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free), 3fit®-Push (series 23000), NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Therm (series 24000)
Germany Campus Futura, Hamburg NiroSan® (series 9000), 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free)
Germany Hotel Cologne City Steigenberger Barcelo 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free)
Germany Ibis Hotel, Hallbergmoos 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free)
Germany NH Hotel, Essen NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Therm (series 24000), 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free)
Germany Wentworth-Kaserne, Herford (GER) 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free), NiroSan® (series 9000)
Germany Wohnanlage Boxhagener Straße, Berlin 3fit®-Press (series 25000 Pb-free), NiroSan® (series 9000), SANHA®-Therm (series 24000)