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Full warranty - so that you're on the safe side!


SANHA is the only manufacturer of press systems who assumes a system warranty irrespective of the pressing tool subject to the following requirements.

  • The pressing tool must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines
  • Compact/small pressing machines (up to and including 28 mm) must be able to deliver a minimum pressing force of 18 kN.
  • Conventional pressing machines, up to 108 mm, must be able to deliver a minimum pressing force of 30 kN.
  • For metallic fittings up to and including 54 mm, using jaws and slings for press connections, must use the original press profile, SA, M or V.
  • For metallic fittings above 54 mm, slings used for the press connections must use the original press profile, SA or M
  • For original “3fit-press” fittings for your plastic system, the TH profile should be used. For our 3fit-Press Pb-Free/PPSU piping system, press jaws with the original contours TH, B, F H and U can be used.
  • The SANHA installation process as outlined in our SANHA Installation manual must be followed.
  • When using press tools, all manufacturers' instructions must be used, particularly with regard to the combination of components (jaws/tools) from different sources.
  • The combination of different manufactures' press tools may only be used with the express permission of the system designer.
  • For special applications such as fire extinguisher systems, the SANHA tool compatibility does not apply. In these cases, only high pressure tools may be used. If you require further information, please contact our technical department at webuksanhacom or SANHA UK at 01628 819245.

For general applications and installation instructions please refer to the SANHA Installation manual or request installation training from one of our experienced trainers.

Comprehensive support

Please contact us with any questions regarding our systems or the fields of application at webuksanhacom or 01628 819245 - we are always delighted to help!

We also offer FREE comprehensive on site training and CIBSE-approved CPD seminars.

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