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Economical alternative C-steel

Carbon steel

or C-Steel is an alloy of steel, with carbon being the main interstitial alloying element. This particular steel, according to the AISI definition, is characterised by a carbon content of up to 2 %, with comparatively low amounts of the more expensive elements such as nickel and chromium.

Our carbon steel SANHA®-Therm system, is therefore an excellent economic solution for closed heating or solar systems, in comparison to other commonly used materials.

Within the SANHA®-Therm family, we have a very broad range of products. We aim to produce all our products to the highest quality,  which all our partners have rightly come to expect. Our SANHA®-Therm system press fittings are to be used in conjunction with our externally galvanised carbon steel tube, and provide an excellent choice for most closed systems such as heating, cooling and dry compressed air systems. They can also be easily combined with our malleable range of fittings.

Our SANHA®-Therm fittings along with our innovative combipress functionality, can be pressed with all standard profiles including SA, M (d<+=108 mm), and V (d<+= 54 mm), regardless of the tool, provided it applies the correct pressing force, and is within manufacturers serviceability period.

Further information can be found from the menu “SANHA®-Therm”. If you have any queries regarding the use of or application of this material please do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 819245 or email We are always pleased to help.