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Classic copper


Copper is a precious metal that has influenced the development of human technology and culture for millennia. Since it is easy to form and harden, (or anneal), copper and its alloys remained the only relevant metal for tools, cult objects and many everyday implements for over 5000 years.

Even today it is hard to imagine daily life without Copper. Whether in cars or coins, in electrical conduits, computers and even the brewing industry!

As a semi-precious metal, copper has excellent electrical conductivity, only surpassed by Silver. It has very good thermal conductivity, durability and corrosion resistance. Hence its extensive use in construction products.


Good for drinking water, and the environment

Copper is regularly used in the domestic environment, as it fulfils the most ardent regulations for both drinking water and food. Its ease of recycling means that waste is minimised, and currently new copper products incorporate approximately 40% from the recycling system. Whilst material resources are always precious, a material which can be heavily recycled has huge environmental benefits.


Award winning quality

SANHA end-feed fittings carry many quality awards, including the BSI Quality mark and the DVGW German certification for Gas and Drinking water applications.

Further information about SANHA fittings made from copper can be found under “SANHA –Press” and “SA”. If you have any questions concerning the use or application of our products please do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 819245 or email We are always pleased to help.