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Plastic installation systems

Engineered plastics have excellent technical and mechanical properties. Plastic systems frequently used in domestic, as well underfloor and wall heating applications, are typically cross linked polythene, (PE-X) or high temperature resistant polythene (PE-RT).

Apart from quality, SANHA places a large focus on having a wide and comprehensive range of products, with 3 Fit fittings being available in both PPSU and our innovative lead free silicon bronze. We can offer standard oxygen tight tubes to DIN 4276 or Oxygen tight 5 Layer aluminium composite pipes, in a variety of lengths from 3 m rods to 600 m coils.

By their very nature MultiFit, multi-layer composite pipes can be easily bent and installed. Along with ease of installation, our tube can be used with both pressed and our innovative non demountable push fit system, 3fit®-Push.

Further information can be found from the menu “3fit”. If you have any queries regarding the use of or application of this material please do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 819245 or email We are always pleased to help.