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Industrial compressed air

Compressed air is used in almost all industrial sectors: from the food and automotive industries to the chemical industry and energy generation, it is hard to imagine life without it.

SANHA offers a range of proven, reliable solutions for all requirements of ISO 8573-1:2010E. Our press fittings and pipes always form a tested and optimally coordinated system "from a single source" - this considerably simplifies the entire process from consultation to installation and warranty, thus contributing to time and cost savings.


The piping system consists of high-quality NiroSan® press fittings (stainless steel fittings) and NiroSan® stainless steel pipes according to DVGW worksheet GW 541 or DIN EN 10312 made of 1.4404 / AISI 316L (fittings) and 1.4408 (threaded parts, stainless steel investment casting).

The stainless steel material 1.4404 contains at least 2.3% molybdenum and has a lower carbon content than the conventional material 1.4401. It is therefore not only equivalent to this stainless steel, but is also convincing due to its significantly higher corrosion resistance.

Sealing ring (depending on special application): EPDM (black), FKM (red) and LABS-free (red).


The NiroTherm® piping system consists of NiroTherm® stainless steel press fittings with a black EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) moulded seal and NiroTherm® stainless steel pipes to DIN EN 10312.

Sealing ring (depending on special application): EPDM (black), FKM (red)


System press fittings made of copper for press connections with copper pipes according to EN 1057 or DVGW worksheet GW 392. Tested according to DVGW worksheet W 534.

Sealing ring (depending on operating conditions): EPDM (black) and FKM (red). Also available as chrome-plated variation.


Ventilation unit for compressed air / Druckluft / Perslucht


SANHA®-Therm press fittings and C-steel pipes according to DIN EN 10305-3. 

SANHA®-Therm is particularly suitable for compressed air systems according to DIN EN 10346 (DZ version). In the "Contiflo" version, hot-dip galvanised system pipes are available, which are characterised above all by their very good flexibility.

Sealing ring (depending on operating conditions): EPDM (black), FKM (red). 

Compatibility with oil classes

  0 1 2 3 4 x
NiroSan® 1)  


NiroSan® SF 2)    
NiroSan® Industry
NiroTherm® Industry
SANHA®-Press 3)    
SANHA®-Press Solar
SANHA®-Therm Industry

1) Also available LABS-free with EPDM and as special gas series 
2) LABS-free as standard
3) Also available chrome-plated and as special gas series