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Refrigeration in supermarkets: 20 % energy savings possible

SANHA RefHP piping system allows safe handling of high operating pressures
A Victorian Ice house for food preservation

Preserving Food (and the Planet)

Keeping food cool has long been a method of its preservation, from the primitive burying of foods in the relative cool ground, to building subterranean ice houses in the Victorian era. This was very much a passive approach to preservation.

SANHA high-pressure fittings now available up to 2 1/8"

SANHA has expanded its 29000 series RefHP (High Pressure solder fittings) to dimension 2 1/8 ". This allows the German piping specialist to cover almost all requirements for safe high-pressure cooling lines in the transcritical range.

Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion

With the prestigious Aberystwyth University, SANHA UK has completed one of their largest UK projects. This major scheme - including a substantial building services contract - is located on Penglais Farm, on land immediately behind the existing award-winning Pentre Jane Morgan student village and within walking distance to the "Aber's" Penglais...

Theegarten-Pactec in Dresden: SANHA piping systems in use

The Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in designing and manufacturing packaging machines for confectionery. The new administration and production building began operations in July of 2015 at the company headquarters in Dresden. SANHA products were used for the majority of the heating and cooling installations.

SANHA fit in with renewable company

SANHA press fit technology has been utilised by Woodtek Energy, a leading manufacturer of woodchip drying machines, in its Biomass heating systems.
SANHA-Lötfittings für medizinische Gase

Medical gases: safe transport and distribution with solder fittings by SANHA

Medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, xenon and many more are indispensable for many forms of modern diagnosis and therapy nowadays and are used for respiratory support, as an anaesthetic, to relieve pain or for operating and calibrating medical devices. As drugs and due to their use in hygienically sensitive areas high demands are placed on...
Stainless steel fittings from SANHA, produced in Schmiedefeld near Dresden, Germany.

New SANHA CPD seminar

SANHA is building on their series of Technical Seminars, with a new CIBSE approved CPD Seminar on the benefits of Stainless Steel.
SANHA solder fitting for high pressure applications such as refrigeration with CO2

Withstand the highest pressure

Many modern-day applications, from air conditioning to commercial and industrial refrigeration, employ more and more non-fluorinated refrigerants such as R744 (carbon dioxide). However, the use of this medium, while highly efficient and environmentally friendly, leads to higher operating pressures of up to 130 bar at 150 °C. Therefore, concerns...