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New video: This is us

Who is SANHA? This simple question is now answered by a new company video showing the highlights of the Essen-based manufacturer of piping systems and fittings in English. The video can be found at

Piping Systems for Sub- and Transcritical Systems

Sanha offers two different piping systems for cooling and refrigeration which cover all requirements in the sub-critical and transcritical area: The NiroTherm stainless steel press system for glycol applications and the RefHP high-pressure brazed fittings for CO2 cooling systems.

Thermal expansion: Water's unique properties

Water does not behave like other liquids. It is the only liquid to expand when it changes phase, taking up more space when it freezes. But people are not always aware that it expands again in its liquid phase, at temperatures above 4 ℃. This can lead to movement or "thermal expansion" of the piping system. We show you what you need to keep in mind.

Second construction phase for the Biology Department

The Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz will soon be expanded by the construction of the second institute building for the Faculty of Biology. It is planned to install the technical systems by autumn 2020. SANHA will supply most of the piping systems used, as well as for the first construction phase.

Drinking water: limit values often exceeded

From the house connection the otherwise very good water quality often decreases rapidly. This applies in any case to the Austrian capital Vienna. House installations, pipe damage or improper conversion work have a negative influence on the water quality. According to the trade journal tga, heavy metals such as lead or nickel can enter drinking...

Successful debut in Chile: In balance with nature

The Casa Nida of the architectural office Pezo von Ellrichshausen was a finalist for the renowned "Design of the Year Award" in London. The Casa is located in the tranquil town of Navidad in the province of Cardenal Caro. The special: The building is designed according to the principle of a tree, so that each floor has more floor space than the one...

The beauty of using press fittings in installations is the very simplicity of this connection technique

However: Behind the seeming ease hides the serious requirement to follow a structured and methodical approach to installation. Only this approach ensures the integrity of the system.

Preserving Food, And The Planet

From fridges and freezers to air conditioning systems and heat pumps, scientific breakthroughs in cooling technology have changed the way we live. But progress has come at a cost. It wasn’t until the 1980s that scientists discovered that CFCs, once thought the ideal refrigerants, were depleting the ozone layer. A few years later, their popular...

Dorian - Helping to Preserve our Naval Heritage

In May 1940, as more than 338,000 troops lay trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, the British Government orchestrated their rescue, codenamed Operation Dynamo. They appealed to owners of small boats to help with the evacuation, and commandeered about 850 private vessels, later christened ‘The Little Boats of Dunkirk’.

Extension of Master 3 assortment: double branch and corner branch

The following articles have been added to the assortment: Double branch 87.5°: 8M3187D11050 / DN 100x50 - OD 110x50Double branch 87.5°: 8M3187D110110110 / DN 100x100 - OD 110x110Corner branch 87.5°: 8M3187ECK110110110 / DN 100x100 - OD 110x110