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bleifreies Trinkwasser

No lead, no liability!

A healthy person can go about 60 days without food in extreme cases, but without drinking you die after about four days. Who would worry about this when water is accessible without restriction? Because water is the most important food of all, it is comprehensively protected. Recently, there have been repeated headlines about contamination of...
Building Foto zu Information Modeling (kurz: BIM; deutsch: Bauwerksdatenmodellierung)

BIM within SANHA: a positive evolution

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming increasingly popular in the construction sector. In 2017, SANHA was the first manufacturer to launch the SANHA product Line Placer (PLIP) app in REVIT. This BIM tool enables engineers, planners and architects to design piping systems with our products in no time at all. At SANHA we see that BIM is...

Stainless steel for large sports hall

The new large sports hall in Heidelberg is making its mark: a modern meeting place for sports and events is being created in the Innovation Park, on the conversion site of the U.S. military. The drinking water installation will be implemented primarily with our premium stainless steel piping system NiroSan.

SANHA first to obtain a certificate for hydrogen

The preservation and improvement of the environment are high priorities within SANHA. That is why we keep a close eye on environmental trends and developments and respond to them as quickly as possible. Now it seems that hydrogen will be the fuel of the future. That is why SANHA has already had its press fittings certified for use with hydrogen.

Less is more: Emissions reduced by 57 tons of CO2

In 2018, our various activities in Austria enabled us to save the environment around 57 tonnes of the greenhouse gas CO2. In this way, we are living up to our responsibility for climate protection. SANHA has been a member of the Austrian Plastics Recycling Working Group ÖAKR e.V. since 2017.

Too much lead: No drinking water for Belgian police

Water samples from three police buildings in Brussels showed that the limit for lead in drinking water was exceeded many times over. Now personnel has no longer access to fresh drinking water. Similar situations happen again and again in the UK. However, prevention is easy - with modern piping systems like lead-free fittings and pipes for a safe...

New RefHP transition fitting inch/metric

We have expanded our range to include the 129243IM3810 transition fitting (inch to metric) to meet the growing need for refrigeration in grocery stores.

Clean drinking water

"Water is not a common commodity, but an inherited good that must be protected." This quote from the preamble to the EU Water Framework Directive underlines the importance of clean drinking water. Even the United Nations defines as a global goal (!) the sustainable management of water resources and safe water supply and sanitation for all. Water...

Multi-layer pipe with Velcro tape for easy installation

In the future we will offer our MultiFit® PE-RT pipes in the dimension 16 mm with a Velcro tape (article number 123500KB16). We thus offer a plus in user-friendliness and time savings when it comes to laying underfloor heating systems. 

International success: Pipes and fittings for the world's third largest mosque

A special project was completed in Algeria: “La Grande Mosquée", the Great Mosque, was built in the capital Algiers. It is the largest religious building in Africa. We SANHA supplied pipes and fittings for all the plant equipment on an industrial large scale, especially our premium NiroSan system.