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F-gases: Piping systems for better alternatives

Fluorinated gases or F-gases are a family of man-made gases consisting of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), PFCs (perfluorocarbons) and SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride). F-gases have a very high GWP (Global Warming Potential). This means they have a large negative impact on global warming. HFCs accounts for the largest share of F-gas emissions. They are used in...
Bildschirm zeigt Software Plancal Nova

SANHA: Pipe network calculation now also in Plancal Nova

In order to meet the growing demands on construction projects, many planners use the Plancal Nova software. SANHA, specialist for piping systems, now makes the product article data for all series available for this software as well.
Infografik Wasserstoff

Clean energy with hydrogen

Hydrogen is regarded as a promising way of providing energy for heating in households, but also in industry and transport. As the most common chemical element, hydrogen could be produced locally everywhere, thus significantly reducing the consumption of conventional energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal. SANHA offers a piping system that...
Employees showing new 139.7 mm press fittings

SANHA introduces new pipe dimension 139,7mm

SANHA is introducing a new dimension of pipes and fittings to its existing stainless steel series. While both systems – NiroSan and NiroTherm – already provide installers with a large and flexible range of pipes and fittings including for example tees, couplings, elbows, flanges or wall plates between 15 – 168 mm, the new addition complements the...
bleifreies Trinkwasser

NiroSan stainless steel pipes and fittings – piping systems for special tasks

The long-established use of stainless steel in the food and food preparation industry unequivocally confirms the excellent hygienic properties of stainless steels. Appreciating this fact, SANHA has been producing its NiroSan clamping systems for many years® of the highest quality stainless steels – acid-resistant and stainless steels (steel Nos....
Mathias und Valerie im Interview über Hochdruck-Fittings

Double interview with the product managers of SANHA.

As a manufacturer of fittings, SANHA has already built up a vast portfolio of different series. With the new size 2 5/8", the RefHP series has been expanded once more. These copper-iron soldering fittings were specially developed for use in high-pressure cooling systems. Valérie Matthys (27) and Mathias Van den Broeck (30) together form the young...
Installateur verlegt Kunststoffrohr für Fußbodenheizung

Modernisation of floor heating systems

Many owners of older single and multi-family houses, and also tradesmen ask themselves how long the multi-layer composite pipes installed there will last or whether they need to be replaced. Plastic heating pipe installed before 1988 are generally considered not to be oxygen-tight; the entry of oxygen into the heating system can lead to corrosion...

New double wall plates with stainless steel panel feed-through

SANHA now offers a new version with stainless steel wall lead-through for standard and professional drinking water installations in addition to the usual double wall plates. With this version, installers can easily implement a loop or ring installation behind dry walls and thus comply with the specifications of EN 806 and the drinking water...