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3 in one - combipress!

3 important advantages with our press fittings

The term “combipress” summarises three important advantages of using SANHA, all designed to make installations simpler.

1. Tool compatibility:

This means that up to 54 mm all original press profiles SA, V or M can be used for metal systems. For plastic, TH, B, F, H and U can be used for our new range. The benefit here is obvious - you can use your existing tooling for our  products and be safe in the knowledge that the connection will work irrespective of the tool used. Please see our SANHA® installation guide for further details.

2. Push and Stay:

This means that during assembly of the connection, the friction within  the fitting sealing ring retains and holds the pipe  in place, prior to the press taking place. This is especially important when making connections over-head or on risers, which would be difficult to hold in place whilst using a press tool. Remember, as a precaution, to always mark the insertion depth on the pipe, using SANHA calibrated depth gauges.  Push & Stay, allows the pipe connection to be carried much easier with one operative

3. Leak path protected:

This is a practical function which enables you to detect simply if connections have been left un-pressed. These will be detected either by a reduction in pressure under test, or a visible drip of water from the fitting. Therefore, you can be assured that any  un-pressed connections  will be detected prior to commissioning

English version of the SANHA combipress logo
combipress: Fittings can be pressed with different contours.