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Pipes and Fittings 4.0: We can do it!

Manufacturers, retailers, planners and, increasingly, many craft businesses are digitalising their processes more and more. We provide you with practical support in this process. This saves time, resources and ultimately also increases your added value. But even beyond the digital transformation, SANHA offers not only high-quality pipes and fittings, but also many practical services.

Good data helps everyone | Good service pays off


Digitisation is taking place in almost all areas of our company. This includes, for example, these components:

Current data provision via EDI

Business processes are exchanged electronically between companies, duplication of work and data errors are significantly reduced or even eliminated. Many business processes become more efficient in this way and transactions can be completed more quickly.


ETIM is an industry standard. This means that all parties involved use the same product and catalog database. Because the structure and descriptions are the same, there is no need for all the data formatting and adaptation that used to be necessary and was usually time-consuming. In this way, we actively support sales with retailers.

3D data, autorouting, autoscaling and much more via BIM Revit

Planning a professional piping system with the right diameters, pipes and fittings can be very time-consuming. To reduce this effort, we provide all necessary information in BIM Revit format. Among other things, the SANHA Product Line Placer App for Revit was developed for this purpose. Planners thus have all the tools they need to draw piping systems quickly and easily.

Pipe network calculation with Plancal Nova

In order to meet the growing demands on construction projects, many planning offices use the Plancal Nova software. We now provide the article data for all series or piping systems for this software as well.


CAD files

All SANHA products can be requested as files that can be loaded into drawing programs such as AutoCAD, Inventor etc. The various file extensions such as .dwg, step,. stx etc. can be requested at

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

This process is particularly attractive for our trading partners. This is because we take over inventory management and replenishment - it can not be simpler than this.


For many years now, you have had access to It can also be conveniently navigated using mobile devices.

The use of digital processes in production, logistics, sales and administration has significantly accelerated many processes, thus liberating resources for core tasks. E-mail floods, for example, are contained by the use of productivity-enhancing communication software. The use of cloud solutions increases data security and contributes to increased efficiency, as does “invoice dispatch via PDF”: This reduces the number of different document versions and time-consuming processes.

Other services

In addition, we offer numerous service modules. They range from planning services to onsite training and our warehouse in Rugby, which ensures that large projects in particular are supplied with the defined quantity of goods on time. Construction site support can also be provided on request.