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SANHA's lead-free philosophy


All SANHA systems and products have two important characteristics, firstly their ease of use, but  secondly and more importantly the fact that they are safe to use. This is why we also believe in the principal that if a product contains no lead, it cannot leach lead into a drinking water system. That is why SANHA are committed to using lead-free Silicon Bronze (CuSi) material for all drinking water applications, and general brass fittings.

Lead has historically been added to Brass as it makes the metal easier to work and form shapes. SANHA has conducted extensive research over a seven year period to develop a lead-free solution which enables it to develop a range of brass fittings which are 100% lead-free.

Today, installers and designers can choose from a wide range of lead-free systems, from our  press series 8000 “Purapress”, our extensive and kitemarked end feed series 3000 “Purafit” systems, our push fit series 23000 “3fit-push” and finally our multi-layered plastic tube systems, “3fit-press” series 25000 and 35000. With these systems you can certainly reduce the amount of lead that is present in drinking water, and possibly even eliminate it altogether.

As a matter of course, our pipes, fittings and  systems are fully tested to many European and international standards, for example, WRAS, KIWA-ATA, CSTB, DVGW and ETA, proving that they are of the highest standards.

More information about lead–free fittings made from CuSi and the drinking water regulations are available as a download.

Happy child with glass of water
Lead-free drinking water is especially important for children, as the poison accumulates for their whole lifetime. With many SANHA series, a lead-free drinking water installation can be easily realised.