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Time-saving press connection - with combipress

SANHA is the only manufacturer whose press fittings can be connected with different pressing tools and original contours, subject to the following requirements:

  • The press tools must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and the SANHA installation instructions must be adhered to
  • The pressing tools up to and including 28 mm must have a minimum pressing force of 18 kN. (kilo-Newtons)
  • For general applications and installation instructions please refer to the SANHA Installation manual or request installation training on tel. +44 (0) 1628 819245.
  • The pressing tools from 35mm up to and including 108 mm must have a minimum pressing force of 30 kN.
  • For metallic fittings up to and including 54 mm dia. and using jaws and slings for press connections, must use the original press profile, SA, M or V
  • When using the M profile at dimensions 42 - 54 mm, only press slings are to be used.
  • For metallic fittings above 54 mm, slings used for the press connections must use the original press profile, SA or M
  • For original “3fit-press” fittings for your plastic system, the TH profile should be used. For our 3fit-Press Pb-Free/PPSU piping system, press jaws with the original contours TH, B, F H and U can be used.
  • The SANHA installation process as outlined in our SANHA Installation manual must be followed.
  • When using press tools, all manufacturers' instructions must be used, particularly about the combination of components (jaws/tools) from different
  • The combination of different manufactures' press tools may only be used with the express permission of the system designer.
  • For special applications such as fire extinguisher systems, the SANHA combipress function does not apply. In these cases, only high-pressure tools may be used.

If you require further information, please contact our technical department at or SANHA at +44 (0) 1628 819245.

Comprehensive support

Please contact us with any questions regarding our systems or the fields of application at webuksanhacom or 01628 819245 - we are always delighted to help!

We also offer FREE comprehensive on site training and technical seminars.