World Refrigeration Day - For Cool Careers

On 26 June 2021, the third World Refrigeration Day (WRD) will take place. This day aims to draw attention to the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry and highlight the importance of the technologies.

At this time of year, the importance of refrigeration and air conditioning technology becomes clear. After a delayed start to summer, temperatures have been rising steadily in recent weeks. The cooling of rooms, food etc. is indispensable and a very important element for the quality of life.

World Refrigeration Day was established by the International Refrigeration Institute IIF/IIR. 26th of June was dedicated to the Irish physician Sir William Thomson, born on 26th of June 1824, also known as Lord Kelvin. Lord Kelvin first became involved with the mechanical generation of refrigeration. He then developed the world's first temperature scale, the unit of which, known as the Kelvin, was named after him.

This year's WRD has the slogan "Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World" and is intended to attract new young professionals to the industry. For example, several webinars are planned to show young people possible career paths in the sector.

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