Too much lead: No drinking water for Belgian police

Water samples from three police buildings in Brussels showed that the limit for lead in drinking water was exceeded many times over. Now personnel has no longer access to fresh drinking water. Similar situations happen again and again in the UK. However, prevention is easy - with modern piping systems like lead-free fittings and pipes for a safe drinking water supply.

Lead: Water not drinkable

"The water is not drinkable" - this warning was attached to faucets after a 13-fold increase in lead content was detected during sampling. Employees in the affected police buildings are now receiving bottled water. According to the current EU Directive 98/93/EC, the lead content may only be as low as 0.01 mg/l. The lead content in the drinking water from the taps is 13 times higher than the permitted level. This ensures that drinking water does not cause any health problems.

If it is determined that old lead pipes are responsible as the source, the installation in the affected buildings must be replaced. Then it makes sense to use completely lead-free components. Sanha has been offering a wide range of products for high-quality lead-free drinking water installations for many years. These include PURAPRESS® silicon bronze press, thread and transition fittings PURAFIT® for copper and stainless steel pipes and 3fit®-Press for multilayer pipes. Together with the corresponding pipes, safe, healthy systems can thus be produced easily.