The benefits of professional planning

SANHA's planning service not only provides support for larger construction projects. It also scores with a high level of data transparency and up-to-dateness for all parties involved and significantly relieves the workload of engineering offices as well as specialist planning companies.



Support for larger projects

High workload, capacity bottleneck or an unusual construction project - the reasons for using the planning service are manifold. This applies not only to planners, but also to larger installation companies. Sanha offers various modules based on the relevant standards and technical regulations. These include heating load and pipe network calculations, line diagrams, floor plan project plans and detailed material extracts.


In addition, the planning data for all piping systems is available in various formats or programmes. Planners or planning installation companies can access the BIM Revit format, VDI 3805 data sets and the Plancal Nova programme. In addition to the CAD data, information on the installation such as dimensions, weight, Z-dimensions or thread types is stored.


Good data for fabricators

The entire product data is also available to all partners via ,Open Datacheck (for wholesalers) and the ZVSHK "Open Datapool" portal. In addition, there is Open Masterdata. This new standard is to (will?) replace the outdated Datanorm. With Datanorm, all product data is transmitted monthly from the specialist wholesalers to the companies. Each time, considerably more data is processed and transmitted than is needed. With Open Masterdata in combination with the IDS interface 2.5, trade customers can call up the data they need on demand. 


Regardless of the standard used, high data quality is an important factor. In order to ensure this, the data of the Essen-based manufacturer is continuously subjected to a strict check based on clearly defined criteria and standards by an independent body. This not only enables the optimal and up-to-date provision of information, but also the safe implementation of construction projects