Successful debut in Chile: In balance with nature

The Casa Nida of the architectural office Pezo von Ellrichshausen was a finalist for the renowned "Design of the Year Award" in London. The Casa is located in the tranquil town of Navidad in the province of Cardenal Caro. The special: The building is designed according to the principle of a tree, so that each floor has more floor space than the one below it. Four stiffened outer frames and eight continuous columns give Casa Nida long-lasting stability. The near-natural concept also includes a solar thermal system for heating and hot drinking water.

Like a tree top

In a place marked by cypresses, pines and some native tree species such as the black poplars, Casa Nida blends harmoniously into the landscape. This unusual house was developed by the Chilean architectural office Pezo von Ellrichshausen as an attempt to combine art, technology and nature.

The architectural proposal is based on the vertical sequence of three floors and a roof terrace, thus following the basic structure of a tower. At the same time, he takes nature as an example. Like a tree, Casa Nida consists of a base, an intermediate piece and a third, largest floor that covers everything like a tree roof. This also provides a magnificent, unobstructed panoramic view of the seemingly boundless Pacific.

Unconventional room layout

The occupancy of the rooms is also unconventional: the living rooms are more in the lower area, the bedrooms upstairs. Casa Nida reverses this principle. Here the first two floors have smaller rooms, while the third floor consists of a single generously proportioned room, which is divided like the open platform of a watchtower into a kitchen, a dining area and a living area. There is also an open terrace on the roof.

"We are very pleased that Casa Nida is one of our first projects in Chile, because we have only been active here for a short time," explains Panagiotis Pafitis, Technical Director at SANHA. "For the Casa is not only captivating because of its unusual architecture. The customer expressly used three of our piping systems: stainless steel and (lead-free) copper (alloy) for the drinking water supply and the SANHA®-Press Solar copper system for the installation of the entire solar thermal system. And the building was a finalist in the London architectural competition "Design of the Year" - we could not have wished for a better entry into a new market.