SANHA: Pipe network calculation now also in Plancal Nova

In order to meet the growing demands on construction projects, many planners use the Plancal Nova software. SANHA, specialist for piping systems, now makes the product article data for all series available for this software as well.

With this, the Essen-based company is supplementing its existing offering for BIM Revit which, is used primarily for international projects. Technical building planners and installation companies are also effectively supported in Germany as well in the calculation and drawing of demanding 3D plans. The product data is immediately transferred into any project plans “at the touch of a button", with the data transferred directly into a project via the "Manufacturer" button.

Complex buildings, efficient technology

Plancal Nova from Trimble is a comprehensive drawing or CAD/CAE software for building services engineering. The tool supports many functions that have been specially adapted to integrated building systems technology. These include

  • 3D structures
  • Dimensioning
  • Hatching
  • Text and line elements
  • Section and view functions

Helpful functions save time

The software can automatically calculate data, e.g., remove open pipe ends at the push of a button. In addition, all article information of the SANHA piping systems is stored to ease this process. This data is available for CAD representations and for calculations. Plancal Nova allows the import of existing projects into its operations process as well as the import of article data, for example for fittings into an existing project. "We are therefore providing our partners in building services planning, with another contemporary and very time-saving alternative in addition to our BIM Revit solution," says Tanju Ergün, head of the SANHA planning department. 

A major advantage is the integrated conflict check. Plancal Nova automatically checks the participants' designs for conflicts between the trades and the architecture or between the different trades and draws the participants' attention to them. Conflicts determined externally can also be transferred to the software.

The structure and user guidance of the planning tool are closely based on the functionalities of Windows, which makes working with the programme much easier. Thanks to an intelligent converter module, Plancal Nova can open DWG and DXF files and read the different output formats. This enables secure and reliable data transfer as well as efficient collaboration with external systems.