SANHA is BIM ready

Piping and press fit fitting system specialist provides BIM-enabled product data in Revit.

SANHA now provides BIM data for a wide range of the company’s piping systems. Building Services Engineers and Designers can access BIM files in Revit format in a very fast and efficient manner. Using Revit enables 3D pipe layouts and detailed usage of system components within the whole project

 With the BIM product data, SANHA provides Building Service Engineers with a flexible and practical solution for the design of piping systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and drinking water installations as well as for industrial projects. The data is available for all relevant SANHA systems in Revit format. It includes pipeline systems made of stainless steel (NiroSan® and NiroTherm®), C-steel (SANHA®-Therm), copper (SANHA®-Press) as well as the special lead-free drinking water series PURAPRESS® and 3fit Pb-free and PPSU fittings for multilayer pipes. 

 In addition to the CAD data, extensive technical product information such as dimensions, weight, Z dimensions or thread type - all of which are required in the BIM planning process - can be easily accessed with the programme. For contractors and engineers, an accurate bill of materials is available at an early stage enabling more efficient planning across the whole supply chain. 

 For international teams working on large projects, all SANHA product data can be transferred to other team members at the push of a button. The necessary files, instruction manual and a short demonstration video are available on the portal, or via our BIM button on our web site. An easy registration process is all that is required to access and download the Revit files.


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