New: Stainless steel piping system NiroSan in XXL

We have added a large dimension to our stainless steel series NiroSan. With the XXL pipes and fittings in DN 150 (168 mm), especially risers, e.g. for drinking water in high buildings, can be realized.

The high-quality NiroSan® stainless steel piping system is used in particular in demanding projects for drinking water installations, but also for sprinkler and fire extinguishing systems, heating or cooling water. Thanks to the XXL solution, risers can easily be implemented as single strands. For this purpose we offer pipes in 6 m length as well as various standard products in the new size, such as 45° and 90° bends, T-pieces and sockets.

Even in the large dimension, the usual high-quality design of the NiroSan® system is found. The press fittings are made of the material 1.4404. This contains at least 2.3 % molybdenum and has a lower carbon content than the conventional material 1.4401. The material is therefore convincing due to its significantly higher corrosion resistance. NiroSan XXL is fitted with black EPDM seals. For special requirements or applications such as gas, the system can be equipped with other seals.

The dimension DN 150 has also been added for the economical NiroTherm solution, which is particularly suitable for heating and cooling.

For details of the XXL options, please contact our Technical department at 01628 819245 or