International solutions with SANHA: Arborea Marina Resort, Holstein, Germany

The exclusive and extensive Arborea Marina resort, is set for its grand opening in the second half of 2017. The Marina borders onto the Baltic Sea, and is one of the largest developments in Northern Europe. As one would expect, it focusses on water sport activities, and has a panoramic 180 degree view of the marina. At ground level, there are many commercial and leisure venues, including an open pit restaurant, shops and other services.

The Hotel comprises of 15,000 m2 of accommodation and commercial areas, with 124 luxury rooms, of various layouts.  

Four SANHA systems were specified and used, for different applications, these were our 3fit®-Press, flexible plastic system, NiroTherm®, our low cost 304 stainless system for heating, SANHA®-Press for drinking installations, and SANHA®-Therm, our Carbon steel system for chilled water (closed) systems.


Foto: Arborea Hotels und Resorts

As part of the Legionella control measures, a carefully designed recirculating system was used, to minimise any areas of stagnation. The SANHA Planning and technical support services were used extensively for the design and duration of this project.

Map showing the location of the Arborea Marina Resort Neustadt

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Das Arborea Marina Resort: Rund 4000 Fittings wurden für Trinkwasser, Flächenheizung uvm. verwendet.

Foto: Arborea Hotels und Resorts