Industry 4.0

New software and faster networking of different databases offers improved real-time insight into the production process. With the ongoing digitalisation of our production, we are continuously optimising our production data.

We have been using computer-assisted techniques since the 1970s and are constantly driving company-wide digitisation forward. New software and the increased digitisation of our production sites in Germany, Belgium and Poland is helping to significantly improve the accuracy of information in the supply chain.

We have thus created the necessary conditions for more modern production processes and future-proof Industry 4.0 processes at all production sites. With comprehensive networking, these include paperless processes, more powerful systems and up-to-date information on machine parameters to prevent premature failures.

Optimisation of the value chain 

The implemented solution connects existing databases, machines and devices in an uncomplicated way. The new software enables seamless data access from all sources, especially on the move. Thanks to the new software, the management team can now view cross-company data across all production sites on smartphones or tablets. This will lead to greater delivery date reliability and, as a result, inventory optimisation at our retail partners.