Drinking water: limit values often exceeded

From the house connection the otherwise very good water quality often decreases rapidly. This applies in any case to the Austrian capital Vienna. House installations, pipe damage or improper conversion work have a negative influence on the water quality. According to the trade journal tga, heavy metals such as lead or nickel can enter drinking water and cause limit values to be exceeded. Installers can use lead-free fittings such as PURAPRESS® from the outset and thus avoid these risks.

Drinking water in Vienna with the highest pollution

The water analysis specialist Aqa has recently analysed several thousand samples from Austrian households. Result: More than 6 percent of households exceed the limit value for lead. If only the first surge of water is analysed, the value even doubles, as the trade journal tga reports. Vienna is the leader in this respect: 11.1 percent of Viennese households were found to be overloaded with lead in drinking water.

Lead-free fittings increase safety

Installers who opt for lead-free right from the start will also be on the safe side later on. After all, lead cannot be released into drinking water, which does not contain lead. That is why we have been offering various lead-free fitting series for years. In addition to press and transition fittings of the 8000 PURAPRESS® series, these are threaded fittings of the 3000 PURAFIT® series and 3fit® press and plug-in fittings for multi-layer composite pipes. All are made of the copper alloy CuSi, which is also listed by the Federal Environment Agency UBA as a material suitable for drinking water hygiene.

Observe installation principles

In addition, some principles should already be observed during planning and installation. These apply equally to new and existing buildings. For example, it is important to avoid stagnation in dead strands or rarely used lines. Standing water often provides an ideal nutrient bed for bacteria such as Legionella. SANHA therefore recommends an appropriate loop installation, which can easily be finished with our double-walled sheets of CuSi or stainless steel.