Clean energy with hydrogen

Hydrogen is regarded as a promising way of providing energy for heating in households, but also in industry and transport. As the most common chemical element, hydrogen could be produced locally everywhere, thus significantly reducing the consumption of conventional energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal. SANHA offers a piping system that is suitable for transport in buildings.

Climate-friendly alternative

In its pure form, hydrogen is an invisible, odourless, non-toxic gas and lighter than air. But first the gas must be extracted, because hydrogen does not occur in this form in nature. Steam reforming as a by-product in the chemical industry or electrolysis, for example, can be used for this purpose. In this process, electricity is passed through water, causing hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O2) to separate and be released as gases. Hydrogen can then be used in fuel cells to provide electricity and heat. Alternatively, electricity in chemical form can be stored longer and better in hydrogen than is currently possible in batteries.

The advantage is obvious: while the generation, transport and combustion of conventional energy sources produces high climate-damaging CO2 emissions, the "burning" of hydrogen - i.e. its use in a fuel cell, for example - only produces water and a very small amount of nitrogen oxide. Hydrogen is particularly climate-friendly as an energy carrier if electricity from renewable energy sources such as the sun or hydropower is used in its production.

Certified pipeline systems for hydrogen

SANHA was the first manufacturer of piping systems to have various series for the transport of hydrogen in buildings tested and certified. For example, the Dutch certification institute Kiwa has carried out tests to determine whether our SANHA-Press gas press fitting system made of copper is hydrogen resistant. All tests led to positive results. In the meantime, such tests are also being carried out or planned in the United Kingdom and other places.

The hydrogen certificate can be downloaded here.