Clean drinking water

"Water is not a common commodity, but an inherited good that must be protected." This quote from the preamble to the EU Water Framework Directive underlines the importance of clean drinking water. Even the United Nations defines as a global goal (!) the sustainable management of water resources and safe water supply and sanitation for all. Water should be used carefully and protected as a precaution so that future generations will also have access to water in sufficient quantity and quality.


To protect drinking water, we therefore offer various piping systems made of materials that are perfectly suitable for transporting this important foodstuff. In addition to high-quality stainless steel fittings and pipes (material no. 1.4404), these include copper (SANHA®-Press) and our special lead-free series made of CuSi (PURAPRESS®, PURAFIT®, 3fit®-Press). In particular, compliance with the limit value for lead is of great interest not only to the users of a drinking water installation, but also to the processor, because if the limit value is exceeded you are faced with the task of protracted and costly research into the cause of the problem and remedying the defect. 

This is also pointed out by the DVGW - the German Association for Gas and Water - in its publication "Quality with safety - nothing is as valuable as our drinking water": "Planners, craftsmen and operators of building installations are also subject to the legal requirements in terms of [...] the high quality of the drinking water supplied over the last metres up to the tap. This applies in particular to the selection of suitable products such as pipes or fittings [...]".

When do you rely on lead-free?