Stainless steel piping system for premium poultry production

The Guldfageln AB is one of the leading Swedish food companies. Above all, we produce high-quality poultry products from a regional stand. Chicken consumption has more than doubled in Sweden over a period of ten years. For the Guldfageln factory in Falkenberg, Sweden, we have provided stainless steel fittings and pipes up to 108 mm.

Guldfageln AB now supplies a large selection of grocery stores, restaurants and other bulk buyers and is market leader in Sweden. The two production sites are Mörbylånga in southern Öland and Falkenberg (Hallands län).

Short ways, high quality standards

The breeding of chickens in the own hatchery in Skåne as well as the production of the food are deliberately carried out at these locations in order to avoid unnecessary transport routes or to shorten long distances. After rearing, the chickens are bred by specially selected breeders in Småland, Blekinge, Skåne and Halland. The slaughter takes place either in the company-owned slaughterhouse in Mörbylånga or in Falkenberg, where the processing to the highest quality standards is located. In addition, the company has a well-developed animal welfare program. These include large heated stables, where all animals can walk freely on a substrate of sawdust and have free access to food and water

Hygienic drinking water supply with NiroSan stainless steel pipes

In order to ensure a permanently reliable and hygienic drinking water supply that meets the high standards of the company, Guldfageln - together with the processor Fajans rör and our trading partner Onninen SE - relies on our stainless steel tubes and fittings of the NiroSan series at its location in Falkenberg. The material 1.4404 is characterized by a high molybdenum content and a lower carbon content compared to conventional stainless steel grades. Both lead to a significantly higher corrosion safety. The optimally coordinated piping system offers the highest possible flexibility in cable routing due to its easy compressibility and the extensive range of shapes and dimensions. The need for drinking water for the animals at Guldfageln is enormous: Thousands of liters are needed every day. In order to guarantee the corresponding flow rates, the roof ducts were therefore designed up to a dimension of 108 mm.

Bosse Berntsson (Fajans rör), Adam Bengtsson (Onninen SE), Robert Djurberg (SANHA).