SANHA: fully digital

Manufacturers, retailers, planners and many craft companies continue to digitalise their processes. The aim of this digitalisation is to make processes more efficient and at the same time more economical. As a pioneer, SANHA uses many tools within the company, such as cloud solutions, our self-developed ERP System (Enterprise-Resource-Planning), p1, Pick-by-Voice and an electronic document management system. But the manufacturer also offers its partners practical support in many ways. All parts of the company are increasingly dependent on automated processes, enabling value added to increase continuously.

Better processes, internal and for partners

Process digitalisation extends to almost all areas of the company: EDI interfaces and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) for retail, numerous service modules such as planning services and accurate and up-to-date data provision via BIM Revit, Open Datacheck/Open Datapool, ETIM, VDI 3805 and other tools.

The use of digital processes - keyword Industry 4.0 - in production, logistics, sales and administration has sped up many processes, freeing up time for core tasks. The use of consumables such as paper, ink, office and printing materials, which are often taken for granted, has also been further reduced. E-mail traffic, on the other hand, has been reduced by the use of productivity-enhancing communication software such as Skype for Business and Microsoft's Yammer. The use of cloud solutions (especially Office 365) has increased data security and reduced the number of different document versions.

For SANHA's sales partners, the use of digital tools, software and processes often offers many advantages. For example, VMI reduces the customer's disposition effort and inventory, thus reducing costs. In addition, the use of EDI and Open Datacheck/Open Datapool increases the quality and timeliness of data because changes can be implemented quickly. Specifically for wholesalers and industrial customers, a webshop has been available for many years at, which was modernised this year and can now also be easily accessed via mobile devices.

Benefits for planners

For planners who increasingly rely on BIM (Building Information Modelling) Revit in their daily work, SANHA's approach offers many advantages. BIM is an efficient model-based process that works with AutoCAD. SANHA supplies all piping systems in this format and thus considerably simplifies the planning process for the design of the pipeline network. Our partner Mepcontent explains in this video how it all works. The program covers the entire system range. In particular, functions such as AutoCAD, Auto-Routing and Auto-Scaling make planning with SANHA systems much easier. For example, in the case of a size adjustment, it is not necessary to adjust the entire plan, but only one component - the entire system is then automatically fully adjusted.

Active on the web: website and social media

Almost every company has a website nowadays. Yet SANHA goes one step further here too. All information is not only offered in eight languages and clearly structured by series, but smaller additions to the range are always added to the website in a timely manner. The website meets current standards and is responsive, i.e. optimized for mobile devices. Much of the information, including product brochures, product certificates and more is also offered cross-platform on the website, the SANHA Facebook fan page and on the widely used Oxomi portal. Duplication of work and different versions are avoided by SANHA by using only one data source. All editing videos for different connection types and sizes are offered not only on the website, but also on the SANHA YouTube channel.

SANHA is also active on social media, mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn. There is a lot of engagement on these channels. For example, the product, editing and corporate videos have about 45,000 views, while the Facebook page has almost 10,000 followers.