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Lead also damages heart and circulation

It has long been known that lead can cause cancer or neurological diseases if it is persistently exposed. But the heavy metal also damages the heart and circulation, as an analysis in the British medical journal found out. Processors are therefore well advised to opt for a lead-free drinking water installation.

Researchers at Cambridge University evaluated the data from 37 studies with 350,000 participants. Participants included 13,033 coronary heart diseases, 4,205 strokes and 15,274 diagnoses of cardiovascular events.

The researchers linked these data to the metal exposure of the affected patients, i.e. how often and how often people came into contact with the corresponding heavy metal.

The result: All metals with the exception of mercury were associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Exposure to cadmium and copper was also associated with increased relative risks of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease, while lead and cadmium were associated with an increased relative risk of stroke (63 % and 72 % respectively).

Free choice: SANHA offers many piping systems made of lead-free materials

We therefore always recommend a drinking water installation with exclusively lead-free materials. In addition to our stainless steel series NiroSan® 9000, our press, thread and transition fittings made of lead-free silicon bronze such as the PURAPRESS® series or the press fittings made of silicon bronze or PPSU 3fit®-Press are particularly suitable. The latter are system press fittings for MultiFit®-Flex and MultiFit®-PEX multi-layer composite pipes.