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Mathias und Valerie im Interview über Hochdruck-Fittings

Double interview with the product managers of SANHA.

As a manufacturer of fittings, SANHA has already built up a vast portfolio of different series. With the new size 2 5/8", the RefHP series has been expanded once more. These copper-iron soldering fittings were specially developed for use in high-pressure cooling systems. Valérie Matthys (27) and Mathias Van den Broeck (30) together form the young...
Installateur verlegt Kunststoffrohr für Fußbodenheizung

Modernisation of floor heating systems

Many owners of older single and multi-family houses, and also tradesmen ask themselves how long the multi-layer composite pipes installed there will last or whether they need to be replaced. Plastic heating pipe installed before 1988 are generally considered not to be oxygen-tight; the entry of oxygen into the heating system can lead to corrosion...

New double wall plates with stainless steel panel feed-through

SANHA now offers a new version with stainless steel wall lead-through for standard and professional drinking water installations in addition to the usual double wall plates. With this version, installers can easily implement a loop or ring installation behind dry walls and thus comply with the specifications of EN 806 and the drinking water...
Foto: Sichere Druckluftversorgung: thyssenkrupp nutzt Edelstahlsystem

Reliable compressed air supply: thyssenkrupp uses stainless steel system

A new thyssenkrupp plant was built in Röhrsdorf near Chemnitz. To manufacture special machines for battery production, it was important to install a reliable system for compressed air and cooling water. The high requirements could be met with our premium stainless steel system NiroSan.

High pressure applications: Fittings in dimension 2 5/8" hot off the press!

As the first manufacturer of piping systems, SANHA has now added the dimension 2 5/8" to its range of reliable RefHP high-pressure fittings. This is the first time that an economical and time-saving realisation of refrigeration and cooling lines in this dimension is available.

BIM Revit: Solving problems!

Drawing a pipe system used to be very cumbersome and time consuming. But non-defined fittings are a thing of the past with the nodesolver functionality in our SANHA Product Line Placer app in Revit:

Copper Destroys Viruses. Could it help now?

It can destroy norovirus, MRSA, virulent strains of E. coli, and coronaviruses – potentially including the novel strain currently causing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply Assured | Production continues normally

In the last few days we have received more and more enquiries about the status of production and supply. We too, are following the development worldwide with mixed feelings. As a reliable partner we are doing everything in our power to continue to ensure the supply of our piping systems and components. Our supply chains are not affected and our...

Renewable energy for fitting production

SANHA Fittings in Ternat (near Brussels) relies on renewable energies. On the roof of the production site, 2,750 photovoltaic panels with a total output of 852kWp were installed. This is an important component of our active CSR policy. It enables us to produce even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Kreidezeichnung vom Fahrrad mit einer Steckdose

Healthy and environmentally friendly: employees on (e-)bikes

This is good for the climate and physical condition: after a survey of our employees it became clear that there is a strong interest in leasing (e-)bicycles. In response, SANHA has drawn up a "bicycle plan" in cooperation with the company Ctec. This gives employees the opportunity to purchase an (e-) bike through the company at a favourable price