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Environmental policy & sustainability

Nadelwald an sonnigem Herbsttag

Our responsibility

  • The environment, health and safety as well as sustainability all play a core role in SANHA’s activities. We believe that the greatest impact can be achieved through preventive action.
  • Our philosophy dictates a long term approach to sustainable development. As a result of this we strive for a highly efficient use of energy and natural resources. We play a large role in the use of and recycling of waste materials, and take active steps to ensure we can recycle materials whenever possible.
  • We strive to offer working conditions that stimulate employees to perform effectively, assume responsibility and continue to develop in their personal and professional pursuits.
  • We comply with or exceed environmental requirements set by relevant laws, standards and international agreements. We believe and support the establishment of international common environmental standards.
  • We take great care to minimise the impact on the environment of all our activities.
  • Whilst we regard compliance with Environmental Laws in those countries we operate, as mandatory, where technically and economically possible, we will always endeavour to exceed these requirements.
  • Our policies can be demonstrated through our commitment to the development of and to the use of Lead Free Bronze, in drinking water applications. 

You can download our commitment to a safe and clean environment here.




Sustainability means responsibility for our employees, customers and not least, the environment.  These values have been for many years, and will remain, at the core of our corporate decisions.

As an example, our new factory at Schmiedefeld exemplifies this. We have built a bright, modern and efficient manufacturing plant. The choice of construction materials, the design of the working environment, the modern and efficient machinery, and our heat recovery and efficient thermal performance are a sign of our commitment to sustainability. 

Sustainability is also important in our manufacturing processes. Today, almost 50% of the copper we use is from a recycled source. Our desire to remove lead from plumbing fittings, especially those used for drinking water, has resulted in us developing a specialised patented Lead Free Silicon Bronze.