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Environmental policy & sustainability

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Our responsibility

  • The environment, health and safety as well as sustainability all play a core role in SANHA’s activities. We believe that the greatest impact can be achieved through preventive action.
  • Our philosophy dictates a long term approach to sustainable development. As a result of this we strive for a highly efficient use of energy and natural resources. We play a large role in the use of and recycling of waste materials, and take active steps to ensure we can recycle materials whenever possible.
  • We strive to offer working conditions that stimulate employees to perform effectively, assume responsibility and continue to develop in their personal and professional pursuits.
  • We comply with or exceed environmental requirements set by relevant laws, standards and international agreements. We believe and support the establishment of international common environmental standards.
  • We take great care to minimise the impact on the environment of all our activities.
  • Whilst we regard compliance with Environmental Laws in those countries we operate, as mandatory, where technically and economically possible, we will always endeavour to exceed these requirements.
  • Our policies can be demonstrated through our commitment to the development of and to the use of Lead Free Bronze, in drinking water applications. 

You can download our commitment to a safe and clean environment here.




Sustainability means responsibility for our employees, customers and not least, the environment.  These values have been for many years, and will remain, at the core of our corporate decisions.

As an example, our new factory at Schmiedefeld exemplifies this. We have built a bright, modern and efficient manufacturing plant. The choice of construction materials, the design of the working environment, the modern and efficient machinery, and our heat recovery and efficient thermal performance are a sign of our commitment to sustainability. 

Sustainability is also important in our manufacturing processes. Today, almost 50% of the copper we use is from a recycled source. Our desire to remove lead from plumbing fittings, especially those used for drinking water, has resulted in us developing a specialised patented Lead Free Silicon Bronze.

The SANHA GmbH & Co. KG is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality piping systems and always a dependable partner. This also includes the responsible management of our supply chain. This Supplier Code of Conduct (Supplier Code) explains which standards and principles we follow and which we expect from our suppliers.

The SANHA Group is committed to managing the company with honesty and integrity at all times, complying with all legal requirements and ensuring that every employee and business partner is treated with respect. We expect the same behaviour from our suppliers.

1. Corporate integrity

SANHA is part of society. We are committed to unconditional compliance with laws and regulations and make our contribution to the interests of society through, among other things, our involvement in sports, art and culture. We also comply with all the regulations described below.

1.1 Compliance with laws

Our suppliers are expected to comply with all (local) laws and regulations that apply to their activities.

1.2 Fair competition

Our suppliers must engage in fair competition and comply with applicable competition and antitrust laws. Our suppliers are expected not to enter into contracts or engage in practices that restrict competition, such as price fixing, market sharing or abuse of a dominant market position.

1.3 Export controls

We expect our suppliers not to violate any national or international export controls or trade, economic or financial sanctions or embargoes that apply to them. Our suppliers know and manage trade restrictions that apply to their business, including those of sanctioned countries and third parties.

1.4 Fraud Prevention

Our suppliers are expected to do their work reliably and honestly. Our suppliers must implement internal control systems to detect and prevent fraud and money laundering and to counter such practices. Any fraud must be reported to us immediately.

1.5 Corruption or bribery

We expect zero tolerance from our suppliers with regard to corruption. Our suppliers do not make, offer or approve bribes. They do not engage in unfair business practices or pay bribes. We expect our suppliers to refrain from accepting gifts and benefits that (a) are not appropriate and proportionate or (b) are offered with the intent to induce a person to perform their job improperly in order to secure a business advantage.

1.6 Avoiding conflicts of interest

In business transactions between us and our suppliers, we expect our suppliers to make decisions based solely on objective criteria. All factors that could influence the decisions of our suppliers with regard to private, business or other conflicts of interest must be avoided from the outset. The same applies to relatives and other related third parties. If an employee of a supplier is related to a SANHA employee and this could lead to a possible conflict of interest in the context of a business transaction or business relationship, our supplier must report this fact to us or ensure that the SANHA employee makes the report.

2. Working environment

We expect our suppliers to comply with the Global Compact principles of the United Nations and the OECD.

2.1 Health & Safety

We strive to create a safe and healthy working environment and expect the same from our suppliers.

2.2 No child labour or forced labour

All laws and regulations concerning child labour and the work of young people must be complied with. Children under the minimum age may not be employed. Forced labour is prohibited.

2.3 Employment conditions

Our suppliers comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and are generally committed to complying with the principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Working hours, salaries and fringe benefits are fair and in accordance with legal requirements and industry standards, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, other compensation and legally mandated fringe benefits. The rights to personal freedom of expression and association are respected.

2.4 Prohibition of Discrimination

Our suppliers do not practice or tolerate any form of harassment, including on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other behaviour that is hostile, disrespectful, offensive and/or humiliating.

2.5 Equal opportunities

We expect our suppliers to strive for equal opportunities for their employees.

3. Environment

They comply with the relevant environmental protection legislation and are committed to the efficient use of raw materials, energy and other natural resources and the minimization of waste, emissions and noise.

4. Intellectual property and communication

We expect them to respect the right to intellectual property, including the rights of SANHA. Appropriate measures must be in place to prevent the disclosure or unauthorized use of confidential information concerning SANHA. Our suppliers do not publish any external communication about their business relationship with SANHA, including but not limited to press releases about SANHA without our prior written consent.They protect the personal data of SANHA employees and customers and use this data exclusively for legitimate business purposes. All personal data is processed exclusively in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations on data protection.

5. Supplier relationships

Our suppliers communicate these business standards to their subcontractors and suppliers and take them into account when selecting their subcontractors and suppliers. They encourage their subcontractors and suppliers to comply with the minimum standards of the Supplier Code of Conduct with regard to the protection of human rights, working conditions, anti-bribery and corruption, export controls and sanctions in the performance of their contractual obligations.

6. Compliance with the Supplier Code

Our suppliers adhere to the principles described in the Supplier Code or comparable principles and monitor their compliance. SANHA may carry out audits after prior notice to check that our suppliers comply with the Supplier Code. Non-compliance with the Supplier Code may have consequences, including termination of the business relationship with the supplier.