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Leader in press fit connection systems

The SANHA group is one of the leading European manufacturers of press fit pipe systems for drinking water, gas, solar, heating, cooling and sanitary applications for use in domestic and industrial settings. We have approximately 8500 items in our product ranges, covering most commonly used materials such as copper, copper alloys, stainless and carbon steel, as well as our innovative silicon bronze, lead-free fittings for use in drinking water applications.


BIM Revit: Solving problems!

Drawing a pipe system used to be very cumbersome and time consuming. But non-defined fittings are a thing of the past with the nodesolver functionality in our SANHA Product Line Placer app in Revit:

Copper Destroys Viruses. Could it help now?

It can destroy norovirus, MRSA, virulent strains of E. coli, and coronaviruses – potentially including the novel strain currently causing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply Assured | Production continues normally

In the last few days we have received more and more enquiries about the status of production and supply. We too, are following the development worldwide with mixed feelings. As a reliable partner we are doing everything in our power to continue to ensure the supply of our piping systems and components. Our supply chains are not affected and our...


Industry 4.0

New software and faster networking of different databases offers improved real-time insight into the production process. With the ongoing digitalisation of our production, we are continuously optimising our production data.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) word cloud

SANHA is BIM ready

Piping and press fit fitting system specialist provides BIM-enabled product data in Revit.

Leader in system technology

SANHA are pioneers in the art of “Press fit connection” system technology. This is a simple statement but encompasses many areas of expertise.


System technology is the bringing together of different components, materials and processes, to achieve an aim once the domain of skilled individuals, but now capable by all, through simple training....