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SANHA®-Press (series 6000)

System press fittings from copper for copper pipes according to EN 1057 for drinking water and heating installations. SANHA®-Press system fittings are well-known for outstanding quality, easy to work with and offer the right solution for a wide range of applications, be they residential or office buildings. They can be ideally combined with our unique PURAPRESS series 8000 made of completely lead-free copper alloy silicon bronze. They are outfitted with black moulded EPDM (=ethylene propylene dien rubber) sealing rings. 

All system press fittings of our series 6000 are tested and certified by all relevant national and international certification bodies.

Operating conditions SANHA®-Press from copper

Outside pipe diameter Operating pressure
Water and aqueous solutions
d ≤ 108 mm 16 bar
Technical gases (non-toxic, non-flammable)
d ≤ 108 mm 16 bar
Operating temperature
with black EPDM sealing ring
-30 °C - +120 °C

Type of thread:

Pipe thread: R/Rp thread according to EN 10226,
Fastening thread: G thread according to ISO 228


combipress =

+ tool compatibility: pressable with press jaws and slings with original SA, V and M contour up to and including 54 mm

+ Leak path feature (certified forced leakage before pressing with EPDM and HNBR sealing rings) in combination with

+ Push & Stay function for safe, reliable installation in every position

Fast installation, no risk of fire

The connection with stainless steel pipes by cold pressing enables a fast, time-saving installation and eliminates the risk of fire during the process. SANHA®-Press installation systems are therefore ideally suited for renovation work.

High corrosion resistance

The exceptionally smooth, passivated surface of pipes and fittings leads to an excellent corrosion resistance.

Exceptional flexibility

  • All dimensions from 12 to 108 mm including 64 and 67 mm available
  • Reliable, permanent connection with copper pipes according to EN 1057
  • Thread according to EN 10226 and/or ISO7/1 Typ R und Rp

Areas of application

  • Drinking water
  • Heating
  • Rainwater
  • Solar systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Sprinkler systems (wet)
  • Ship building
  • Inert gases
  • Cooling water pipes
  • Compressed air (oil free)

Comprehensive support

Please contact us with any questions regarding our systems or the fields of application at webuksanhacom or 01628 819245 - we are always delighted to help!

We also offer FREE comprehensive on site training and CIBSE-approved CPD seminars.