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SANHA heating circuit distributors

SANHA stainless steel heating circuit distributors are suitable for all hot water heating systems in accordance with EN 12828, and for panel heating / cooling systems in accordance with EN 1264, and can therefore be used not only in residential buildings, but also in industrial, commercial and public buildings.

They are used for the distribution of water and for isolating and balancing flow in heating and cooling circuits. This means that they can be used for the connection of radiators, ventilation / air conditioning units, as well as wall, ceiling and floor heating / cooling systems. Venting, flushing and flow balancing are particularly important to ensure trouble free and optimum operation in floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems.

The SANHA heating circuit distributors are equipped as standard with a safety filling and ventilation device as well as integrated flow meters or control valves. This allows a reliable, fast and thus cost-efficient execution of these measures.

The SANHA stainless steel heating circuit distributors are complemented by an extensive accessory programme. Alongside cabinets for wall-mounted and concealed installation, there are fittings and installation kits for the primary connection and bridging joints for the secondary side. Room thermostats and actuators allow precise control of the room temperature. The unique pre-connected circuits, with an integrated pump, can be connected directly to the heating circuit. This makes it possible to integrate a low temperature circuit into an existing high temperature circuit. At the same time, the need for a separate hot water supply from the boiler and any works entailed are eliminated. A separate control circuit with extensive piping and troublesome interventions in the building structure is no longer necessary.

SANHA-Heat Heizkreisverteiler

Technical data and operating conditions for SANHA®-Heat heat distributors

Operating temperatures:

-10 °C to +80 °C

Operating media:



non-corrosive heating water / glykole-water-solution with up to 50 % glykole

Maximum operating pressure: 4,0 bar

Maximum test pressure:

6,0 bar (EN 1264-4)



Stainless steel, material number 1.4301 according to EN 10088-2


  • High corrosion resistance and material strength for all water qualities
  • Especially simple installation and high user-friendliness
  • Perfectly prepared for hydraulic compensation
  • Streamlined construction and attractive design
  • Stainless steel quality ensures long service life

Areas of application

  • Heating
  • Cooling water

Comprehensive support

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