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Product news 2017

Halbe Verschraubung mit EPDM-Dichtring und Pressende

Product news: Union adaptor

The following article dimensions have been included in our NiroSan® series 9000 and NiroSan® Industry series 18000 due to increased demand from many countries:

  • 69359M42112 / 618359M42112
  • 69359M422 / 618359M422
  • 69359M542 / 618359M542
  • 69359M54212 / 618359M54212

New: 3fit®-Press Universal deburrer

The article 84999 „3fit®-Press universal deburring tool for dimensions 16, 20 and 26 mm is now available. This helps installers since only one tool is needed to debur all the most common pipe dimensions.

New axial compensators (NiroSan® & NiroTherm®)

SANHA now offers new improved axial expansion compensators for the NiroSan® and NiroTherm® piping systems. These new compensators - catalogue numbers 9872L and 91872L - have a significantly better axial movement absorption capacity as well as high restoring forces.

Measuring tool for SANHA®-Press & SANHA®-Therm pipes

SANHA now has developed a new measuring tool for SANHA®-Press and SANHA®-Therm. This tool substitutes the three single versions sold until now.

84993: Universal measuring tool for marking the insertion depth of all SANHA-Press® and SANHA®-Therm piping systems

New measuring tool for insertion depth

SANHA has redeveloped the measuring tools for the marking of the insertion depths for NiroSan® and NiroTherm®. All four different versions will be replaced by one new tool:

  • 84992: Universal measuring tool for marking the insertion depth for all NiroSan® and NiroTherm® systems in the dimensions 15 up to 108 mm.

3fit®-Press wall plate

The following article has been taken up in our series 25000 3fit®-Press:

- 3fit®-Press Pb-free wall plate, article no. 325473G2634, dimension 26 x ¾”