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Installation videos

Our installation videos, show the step by step process, from the careful preparation of the pipe to making a safe and secure pressed joint using the latest pressing tools available. We have many additional informative videos, for example showing the push fit technology, the innovative wall heating panels and explaining the concept of “Combipress”.

Should you have any specific enquiries about SANHA systems which are not shown, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 819245 or UKsanhacom.

Producing the press connection 12 - 35 mm

Producing a press connection 42 - 88.9 mm

Producing a press connection for 108 mm (Snap-on sling)

Producing a press connection 76 - 108 mm (HP sling)

Producing the push connection

SANHA-Box: wash basin connection


SANHA wall heating module

SANHA-Box: Radiator connection