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Economical and safe: SANHA high pressure fittings „RefHP“

More and more industrial and commercial refrigeration systems are using coolants such as CO2 (R744) to meet the demands for better environmental protection. This leads to very high operating pressures and correspondingly strict safety requirements. At the same time, the use of CO2 as a refrigerant can save up to 25 % of energy costs for cooling. SANHA offers their 29000 RefHP series as an ideal solution to this challenge. The high-pressure fittings are already widely used today in supermarkets and other areas.


Highly stable material CuFe

The solder fittings and pipes consist of the copper-iron material CuFe2P. This material is particularly stable. Fittings and pipes resist high pressures of up to 130 bar at an operating temperature of 150 °C. This material will continue to gain in importance in the coming years, since it offers many practical advantages - compared to stainless steel, for example.

Significant advantages for users and installers

  • Ideal for use in high-pressure applications such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, especially for CO2 systems
  • For pressures up to 130 bar
  • RefHP fittings are compatible with all three CuFe pipe types available on the market, offering a high degree of flexibility:
    • KME – CL12
    • Wieland – K65
  • SANHA has more than 50 years of experience in the production of solder fittings and maintains very close manufacturing tolerances.
  • Cost competitive to K65
  • Highest European quality through production at our own plant in Ternat, Belgium.
  • Wide range of fittings up to 2 1/8”.
  • Optimum cleaning of the fittings results in a carbon value of <0.5mg C/dm². This is decisive for the quality of the soldered connection as carbon residues can lead to pitting corrosion at higher soldering temperatures.
  • Easy recognition before and after installation: Pipes and fittings are clearly marked so that all components can be identified at a glance. In addition, the material is slightly magnetic and can be easily distinguished from copper using a neodymium magnet – a very practical advantage!
  • Corrosion-proof material
  • The highly stable CuFe2P ensures easy and cost-effective installation.
  • Excellent machining properties, no toxic chemical elements.
  • Makes a significant contribution to an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling system:
    • Compared to conventional systems, as much as 25 % energy can be saved in transcritical CO2 systems!
    • This is particularly important for supermarkets, where cooling systems operate 24/7.
  • Suitable for installation under the European Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • Transition fittings available in metric sizes. 

Advantages over TIG welding of stainless steel

  • The lower weight compared to stainless steel reduces installation costs, material use and improves handling.
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to proven and installer-friendly soldering technology compared to TIG welding.
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